Resort Pathways is an international real estate marketing company specializing sales of resorts and businesses in Central and South America including Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, the Caribbean Basin including Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, and Mexico. We connect property sellers and buyers world-wide. With over 15 years operating in the Caribbean basin, Resort Pathways has developed a wide range of professional alliances throughout the region to insure our clients have up to date information and seasoned expertise. The Resort Pathways team of professionals will assist potential purchasers in navigating the various foreign real estate market practices/legal systems in this region. We work withBuyers, Sellers, and agents.

Our visitors can browse through a vast range of commercial real estate listings for free. We have taken a great care ensuring that our portal is well positioned in the search engines thus ensuring international exposure for our listing associates. We offer services in a diverse and changing area, the Caribbean basin, Mexico, and Central America utilizing innovative marketing coupled with current technologies and personalized services.

We look forward to working with you…….

The Resort Pathways Team

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