Great news from the New York Post about how hotels damaged from the hurricanes are making great comebacks.  The article goes over Caribbean hotels in

  • British Virgin Islands
  • St. Martin/Sint Maarten
  • St Barts
  • and Anguilla

That have made great comebacks since the hurricanes.

Hurricane Ravaged Caribbean Hotels are Making Glamorous Comebacks

Tiny Dominica’s recovery has been slower than that of some of the larger islands — it sustained $1.3 billion in damage — but its main attractions, including its beloved hiking paths and dive sites, have been cleared. When the secluded Secret Bay (pictured) begins accepting guests in November, its six restored villas will be accompanied by a new on-site restaurant and a wellness pavilion, complete with a yoga deck and luxurious treatment rooms. Citrus Creek Plantation will welcome back guests in December with fully renovated cottages along the Taberi River.

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